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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hey there Premier fanatics and greetings from Oz

Bought my first 4 piece Premier kit in 1967 (blue pearl finish)
Bought my second 4 piece Premier kit in 1970 (silver sparkle)
I still have the original Premier catalogs!!!
Anyhow - loved the sparkle kit - never let me down brought it with me (from UK) to Australia 37 years ago - no I don't still have it - made the mistake of selling it back in 1989.

BUT - 2 days ago I picked up a used Premier Genista (Made in England) - 4 piece 10,12,16 toms and 22 bass - plus a Premier Artist Birch snare - sadly the matching Genista snare had been sold off separately but so far I love the Artist birch.

Anyhow, I love it !!! It is in great condition and I have replaced the awefull Everplay bottom heads.... WOW!!!
Just gotta tidy up the front bass head with a Premier logo etc.... I think a black head will go nicely with this kit.

Here' a not so clear pic...

Interesting - all the gear has "P-badges" saying "Premier Percussion Made in England" except the 10" tom which says "Premier Made in England"

Pity they don't have serial numbers to identify year of manufacture etc...

All the best to you guys & gals

Pete ;-)
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