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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi there drummers and warm greetings from Australia.
Real name – Pete Charlesworth
Age -- 66
How long have you been playing— on & off around 30 years
Your top 5 drummers – Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Brian Bennett, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, David Jones (yeah I know, that’s 6 – I’m a drummer – can’t count!!)
Make of drumkit – Pearl Masters Studio Birch (6 piece), Premier Genista (UK model) 5 piece including a Premier Artist Birch snare, Yamaha DTXpress IV special, Traps 5 piece
Make of cymbal? – Currently ALL Sabian (HH, HHX, evolution HHX)
Where do you practice? – Tiny home studio (ex-bedroom) & at rehearsal studios with bands
Are you in a band? – Yes, 2 Big Bands, a jazz/latin lounge band, a Shadows tribute band (I also play keyboards in a 3 piece with my son & daughter)
Do you play any other instruments? Keyboards, harmonica
Do you play covers or originals? Mostly covers
What style of music? Jazz, pop, rock. Latin, blues
Favourite take out food? – Indian, Chinese, Thai
What country do you live in? – Australia (for 38 years – originally from UK)
How did you start drumming? – At the age of 16 (much to my parents’ disgust) my favourite instrument was always drums.
My parents (bless them) used to ask me “….why don’t you take up a real instrument like piano or guitar?...” (there are a few drummer jokes like that….) but they gave me full support in getting my first kit back in 1965, & I loved them for that!!!


Pete :-)
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