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Default Re: Lars Ulrich and my valuable lesson in life

I don't know much about Metal. I've never even attempted a blast beat, and I have no knowledge of finger technique except the use of fingers for rebound. But from what I've seen, the drummers who trash Lars Ulrich are those who idolize drummers like Joey Jordison, or Chris Adler. Drummers who are all speed and flash, but no real groove or technique. Lars is a groove drummer, just like Ringo Starr, or Charlie Watts. He is a time keeper.

Fills and flash are awsome if you can use them, but no matter what, Time Keeping is the number one concern. Any band seeking a drummer will look at your time keeping skills ahead of anything else. That's probably the only reason I can stay in a band - I can't really do any complex or over the top feels, but I've been called a 'Walking Metronome' by band mates numerous times.

This is Lars - he's got the right idea. I'm not a fan of Metallica, or even a fan of Lars, but the guy knows he's there to keep the band together, everything else is optional and NEVER required.
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