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I mostly agree with what lord quas said...hardly anyone says joey is the best drummer ever I think, but there are many who say he is the best metal drummer, this is true.Well he is a bit more than a drummer, but many good drummers have skills apart from their drumming, because he plays guitar pretty well and writes a lot of songs. His double bassing is very good, but still there are of course faster drummers today, but he is doing a great job in slipknot, nice fills, creative grooves(e.g. "duality"is pretty cool) and he is surely one of the most important and most influential drummers in modern metal. His performance in "show aspects" is very great as well I think, and what he has built up together with slipknot.
but eventually you cannot call him the best drummer, noone really deserves this title I think, also not the best metal drummer, at least not in technical aspects
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