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Default Re: Your preferred music genres?

Err difficult to answer. Mostly musica profana from almost any era but i'm most passionate about 20th century American theatre music (Great American Songbook). I do listen to quite a bit of Josquin and Palestrina so I do listen to musica sacreda. Love Gilbert and Sullivan with an undying passion. Most pop music from Stephen Foster onwards appeals to me. I attend the opera frequently and have written a few. Will play drums on anything, same with guitar or keyboard or singing. I like writing what I guess is a pseudo classical/broadway style (going by what people have said, i can never really tell) and love playing funk (and i get to do a olot of funky stuff in my current band which is tremendously fun.) I never really got into metal or hip hop but i try to keep my ears open for the occasional stellar song or artist in those genres. Most modern pop disappoints me but it's not necessarily the genre or aesthetic but the lackluster execution from the writing on down. My favorite music was written for the theatre by GF Handel. I love bowed strings and took violin lesson and still play every so often. I've written a few string quartets.
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