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Default Re: broken wrist

I suffered a very bad broken right wrist 2 years ago. Broke the distal radius off at the wrist, fractured a wrist bone, chipped of the top of the ulna at the wrist, dislocated the broken radius through the pronator quadratus muscle and dislocated my hand up into my arm. Had to have a plate and 7 screws put it to fix the radius.

Be patient and do whatever therapy they tell you to do!! I didn't pick up a stick in my right hand until my hand therapist said I could (till then I played rick allen style). At that point start back slow, playing only a few minutes gradually building the strength and muscles back up again.

I have about 90% range of motion and certain things will cause soreness in it to this day. But it hasn't stopped or hindered my playing, the good news is you don't need 100% range to play the drums ;-)

Sorry to hear about your wrist, with time it should get better, just follow what your dr's and therapists say and you should be good to go.
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