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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by MJD View Post
Agreed, though I happen to think that Miss Carey has a very fine voice and hasnt been served well at all by her writers. when over half the melodic interest is in her desperate ad lib melismas it's a sign of poor composition and the performer compensating for it as best they can.
"Desperate melismas" is perfect. May I borrow it? :)

None of this has been helped by the Idol shows, where the singers have one song to prove that they have the chops if required, so they show them off where it's not required (or even desirable).

The trend was already there, as you say, to provide some interest in slapdash, formulaic commercial tunes but the "sensitive talented female singer with the big voice who is cute and can dance" meme has been done to death.

Bring on the edgy women, I say!

Didn't know about Bing singing faster tunes, apart from his version of Caravan that IMO sounded anaemic as compared with Duke's.


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