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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
There's a coincidence! Obviously Bing wasn't a fan but saw potential, which makes sense since he would have given primacy to how a singers handles ballads.James Brown would have probably wanted Elvis to groove harder.

What I don't like is the bland Mariah Carey / Whitney model on which so many female singers base themselves. Kelly Clarkson etc. The only TOTP female singers of late who I enjoy are Anastacia (her voice - dislike those endless lurve hooks), Adele (one good song) and Christina Aguilera, who oversings but has a great voice. Less mainstream I love Fiona Apple's Criminal.
Agreed, though I happen to think that Miss Carey has a very fine voice and hasnt been served well at all by her writers. when over half the melodic interest is in her desperate ad lib melismas it's a sign of poor composition and the performer compensating for it as best they can. Same with Aguilera though she has had better luck in this regard. this oversinging is definitely not a model i would advise anyone to follow though it is an effective means of distracting a good number of people from the fact that many of these songs just arent well written in the first place.

Oh and as to Bing, he was pretty damn marvelous at an uptune and no stranger to faster tempos. He had the range and understood that it takes less breath control to sing a fast song than a ballad and more acting ability to put a ballad over convincingly than a fast number like Sweet Georgia Brown or to bring it back to Elvis All Shook Up. Actually the former is about 20 clicks faster than the latter on the respective recordings.
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