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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by MJD View Post
Remember what the singer who had the most number one hits in the last(20th) century said about Elvis even though he represented an entirely different style at the time. Paraphrasing He sings just fine and has talent, cant sing a ballad yet but that will come with time and experience. Btw the singer with the most number one hits in the last century was Bing Crosby. It's a good fact to remember. And also remember Jazz is pop music as are all of it's offshoots(rock etc) and a few of it's predecessors(Minstrel tunes, Ragtime, and Marching music held sway just previously) .
There's a coincidence! Obviously Bing wasn't a fan but saw potential, which makes sense since he would have given primacy to how a singers handles ballads.James Brown would have probably wanted Elvis to groove harder.

What I don't like is the bland Mariah Carey / Whitney model on which so many female singers base themselves. Kelly Clarkson etc. The only TOTP female singers of late who I enjoy are Anastacia (her voice - dislike those endless lurve hooks), Adele (one good song) and Christina Aguilera, who oversings but has a great voice. Less mainstream I love Fiona Apple's Criminal.


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