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real name? Jason S.
age? 17
how long been playing? 4 1/2 years
origin of user name? I am a little insane... I drum.
top 5 drummers? Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, Neil Peart, Buddy.
make of drumkit? Mapex
make of cymbal? Sabian
where do you practice? Bedroom
are you in a band/s? I'm in the market...
covers or originals? A little of both would be nice
what style of music? Frankly I don't care I am open to everything
favourite take out food? Hard choice
country? USA
one really odd fact about yourself? I have a Hitler moustache?
how did you start drumming? When I was about 7 I got alot of empty containers (I had a metal one filled with marbles for a snare) and hit them with pens (the pens broke open and sprayed ink everywhere... I switched to pencils)... Later when I was thinking of an instrument to learn my mum suggested I take up drums. I was like "hey sounds good to me". On my 13th B-day I got a set of Mapex V and began teaching myself.