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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Just modified 7 cracked cymbals (off Ebay, all from the same seller) into bells. I just couldn't let those auctions slip... Got away with a total of 54 Euros (shipping included) for all of them.

Cutting out the bells took about 24 minutes. Plus 20 minutes at the sanding block (reworking the edges), then smoothening the edges with a handfile & sandpaper, 2 hours polishing, 2 hours cleaning & conditioning.

Here's a "before" pic - will add some "after" pics and record new samples soon.

Plus some "after" pics, with the cymbals in the same order. I made it a habit to shoot pics after the bell mod in "mosaique" mode.

The last pic shows those first 9 bells (initially I made 10 but one of them sounded crappy, will discard that one) in the 2 background lines, with the new 7 bells in the foreground - no particular order, just did a group pic. Haven't checked the new bells out properly yet (pitch). But I'm sure that should be enough bells to form various scales/sound scapes.
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