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After my band opened for Shadows Fall, I ran into Bittner backstage after he did his warmups. Great drummer for what he does but I don't hear a lot of the variety I look for in a metal drummer. I paid more attention to the people getting hit in the face with the leadsinger's dreads than I did his drumming, but I suppose that might be because I'd seen them before that.

Originally Posted by jamsjr44
I'm telling you check out MARTIN LOPEZ from OPETH and the song "DELIVERANCE" and that whole album, he is every bit as good. His double bass is sick.
I just caught these guys in Chicago, again, but still no Martin behind the drums. His drum-work is great for the music. He's a tasteful drummer when it comes to using his speed. That's very commendable these days. I did get to see his fill-in (drummer from Bloodbath) play a solo, which Martin doesn't do very often.

I recommend Opeth's DVD "Lamentations" to anyone that wants to check out their live show. The producion is top notch and it's a long double-set show.
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