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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

What worries me is the apparent dearth of artists in their teens/twenties who may look like they are capable of taking up the mantle of filling the larger venues of the world once their forebears are too old or too dead to carry on.

I mean, if you look at all the big gigs in the UK this year that were either festivals or part of some national event (e.g. Royal Jubilee/Olympics etc) - the vast majority of acts and certainly all of the headliners are artists that have been around forever:
  • Jubilee Concert - Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John, Sir Stevie Wonder, headlined by Sir Paul McCartney.
  • Download festival (Donnington) - Headliners: The Prodigy, Metallica, Black Sabbath.
  • Olympics - Mike Oldfield and Sir Macca again.
  • Reading & Leeds festival - Headliners: The Cure and Foo Fighters.
  • Also Sonisphere (Knebworth), which was cancelled but had scheduled headliners Kiss, Queen [i.e. Roger and Brian with some kid from American Idol or something], and Faith no More.

Now, this is all well and good but let's be honest most of these acts are past their best (in some cases considerably so) and I for one would very much welcome an act that is under 30 that is capable of putting on a decent rock/pop show of some magnitude. Let's not forget that John Bonham was 22 years old when Led Zeppelin first played Madison Square Garden and a mere 25 when they played that record-breaking gig in Tampa to around 60,000 people. I can't think of any drummer [certainly from the UK] that young who is regularly playing to such numbers these days. Dominic Howard of Muse and Will Champion of Coldplay are both 34 but there aren't any rock bands younger than them (that I know of) who can command the kind of audiences that they do.
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