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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by SticksEasy View Post
I do like Lady Gaga - her music always gets stuck in my head, and the rhythms are so unique. I also like classic Pop like Prince, and even some Michael Jackson songs were groovy.
SE (I can't call you "Sticks" - there will only be one "Sticks") ... just trying to understand taste between generations. I like plenty of pop too. Do you enjoy this tune?

I'm guessing that the production, instrumentation and arrangement will sound old to you. Can you get past it to enjoy the other aspects? Can you get past it to the point where you enjoy the songwriting, the vocal performance and the dynamics and musicianship?

Reason I ask is that I recognise that there are some groovy tunes, riffs and rhythms in modern pop but I find it hard to get past the drum machines, glossy production and not much songwriting.


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