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I've never met the guy but I've seen and read a lot about him. He strikes me a guy with great chops who idolized Buddy Rich and was able to emulate him as well as anyone ever has, including Butch Miles, Donny Osbourne, or whoever. His playing style is very derivative. Plays a set that looks just like Buddy's, plays the same solo, does the single stroke roll that gradually speeds up then goes to the rim and back again, etc.

He seems to swing a band really well and he also seems passionate about the music. Anyone who can front a big band in this day and age gets some respect from me.

But he also comes across as a guy with a big chip on his shoulder about never having received the recognition from the music industry he feels he deserves.

I'd love to know more about why he's such a polarizing figure. The people who don't like him have no use for him while his supporters seem to think he walks on water. Some people seem to have gone from his good side to his bad.

If anyone is dying to share stories, feel free to PM me :)
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