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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

I've played with mostly Punk bands, but I've also done rock cover bands, metal, even country and folk bands. And I will say shamelessly that there is NOTHING WRONG with pop music.

It's true that the media is forcing it - there's almost no rock music on the radio these days, but the artists can't help that. I dislike Justin Bieber's music, but I don't hate the kid or think he should die. He's a phase, and he'll fizzle out soon enough.

I do like Lady Gaga - her music always gets stuck in my head, and the rhythms are so unique. I also like classic Pop like Prince, and even some Michael Jackson songs were groovy.

I'll listen to anything that catches my attention. But if you want to talk about music that sounds the same? Look at Nickelback, Godsmack, Disturbed... I'd rather listen to modern pop than ANY of those three bands, just because all the albums and songs sound the same. Nickelback's first two albums were good Rock N' Roll. After that forget it.

I'm sure a bunch of people will assault this post - I could really care less. But the bottom line is: pop music is here to stay. So rather you love it or hate, you'd better get used to it.
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