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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Pop music's been around for a long time, in a variety of styles too, there's always been the flops, the gems, the "must be avoided at all cost", most of them going up and down the charts.

For some of us, we've been through the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90' and 00's (yes I'm that old), and we've seen almost anything and everything, the drum machine and/or electronic drums started as far back as the 70's, so nothing's new here... today's music is no different, there's some good stuff still happening (Adele comes to my mind, good music, good voice and played by musicians), but in this day and age, anything that is somehow "good" is overplayed on every TV shows and radio stations, you just get tired to hear it after a while, no matter how good it is.

Yes, some music is on the "cheap" side, with the same video, the same drum track and the same overplay in all medias, but I'm not that bothered, I don't listen to charts music that much, my daughter's doing that for me, but as Duncan rightly said, if you're looking hard enough, there's still some good stuff around.

The "other" side of this topic is that we're discussing it among musicians, and we tend to have a different views than non-musicians, many people listen to music "for fun", and as long as it is catchy, danceable, easily available with a goog looking guy or chick, it's more than enough for them... just check the CD collections next time you're invited for a meal by some non-musicians friends, sometimes I want to cry... :)

You know, songs like Abacab, Rosanna, Sultan of Swing, Every Breath You Take, Baker Street, Get it On and many many more seems like they came not that long ago, geez, does times fly...

The worst one so far? it must be 'Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez :-)
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