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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

I blame the suits. They are the ones who have over-analyzed, over-processed, packaged, condensed, simplified and stripped pop music of any creativity it may have had. And in doing so they've created a new type of music consumer who has absolutely nothing invested into music as a passion anymore, but as a backdrop. And to keep the public's attention, the suits have processed the music to such a degree as to take all subtlety out of it, turning every pop song into a relentless power drill at [insert today's popular beat-per-minute here].
I don't blame the technology [except for autotune, which I hate with the intensity of 1 million red-hot supernovas], I blame the suits abuse of that technology. They heard about compression and turned it into a "thing". They found out people liked particular songs, so instead of having their artists write songs that were in the similar vein, they just sample them outright and add an uninspired drum machine track, essentially regurgitating the same stuff over and over.

There's no originality, no passion, and certainly no subtlety in pop music anymore. It's run by money-hungry people who have creatively lost their way.
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