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to anyone who cares, ive somehow managed to sublux/dislocate my druj joint, and break the styloid off of my ulna, where all the wrist ligaments and ecu tendon attachss. an articulate disc and meniscus also sit there, which is the center of the tfcc

i sustained a tfcc injury, had an mri, but since the soft tissues are so small in the wrist (the whole soft tissue complex is the size of a dime, and it sits between the ulna bone and the hand on the pinky side, above the bump on the forearm) they couldnt see the extent of the damage without contrast or going in artisopically which isnt feesable with my cast

i wish my ulna bone would have just broken instead of the joint

school starts august, and im still in a full arm cast palm up. first i had crohns disease hold me back, now this. anyone with strong connections to our creator, please send him prayers for me. as long as i heal well without surgery i will be grateful and happy. someone has healed me of my terrile disease, and i dont take any medication for ir, so i have hope

despite the outcomes im reading online for tfcc tears, and soft tissue injuries in general, im hoping on making a 100% recovery so i can continue to do what i love, and finally grow up and move on with my life

only the outside ~20% of the tfcc has a blood supply, and im praying that all the injuries took place there, and that everything is hooked up well, despite having dorsally subluxed my ulna and broken the styloid process off

ive also sprained/torn the joint capsule, (volarly and dorsaly) scapholunate and lunotriqueteral ligaments (ligaments in the bottem row of the wrist bones) and strained the pronator quadratus muscle. these secondary injuries are not a major issue, since there is no wideneing of the intervals (aka they are not displaced/subluxed/dislocated)

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