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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
... I don’t know but the Pop music within the last many years to me has been nothing but the equivalent of “junk food” – pure industrial strength garbage. The crap I’ve heard (which is not much) sounds like it has no band – just a vocalist who attempts to sing to some sort of backing tracks not played by a group of humans. It seems though in order to qualify, the vocalist(s) must have the “look” to sell magazines and videos. All image and no substance.
For the sake of objectivity, I'd say the vocalists generally do more than just attempt to do the takes. These kids sing just fine, not awesome like Freddie or Dusty or Joe Cocker etc, but they are competent. And spunky, of course.

That brings us to the whole point of being a suit - to impose controls, minimise risks, rationally analyse threats (eg. cost of session players) and opportunities (eg. tech) and produce consistent and reliable outputs that become synonymous with the brand, providing security and assurance for stakeholders.

Pretty obvious what kind of effect this economic rationalist - *sensible* - process will have on the arts, with all its inspiration, creativity, craziness, outlandish ideas, imagination, chaos, irreverance etc. As per their function, the suits are increasingly adept at churning out safe and predictable product with defined functions, usually dance or background. The CQ has become tighter and tighter - "quality" = more $$.

There's no art to it. Agree with Duncan as per below - the choice is out there if we are active. I've been checking out Sun Ra clips on the Tube for the last few days ... out with autotune in with cosmic :)

BUT ... there are a lot of passive music consumers out there and they are at least somewhat shaped by this music. Many don't have the choice - many work groups listen to the radio all day. The choice of station always goes to the blandest and least offensive channel, depending on who makes the most aggressive push for conformity.

And the suits have just the right product to augment your groovy clubbing lifestyle, a fine fashion accessory for the chic young urban bros and babes. Welcome to the machine, kids.


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