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Default Re: The Reverend

The Rev seems like one of those drummers you hear that sound like they could bust out some really kool technical stuff if you went to there house and listened to them practicing, and messing around. Think about it, do you bust out all your sweetest technical fills and odd time beats? Probably not unless the style of music you play requires it, and even if it dose you probably don't play to the LIMIT of your abilities, well not live anyways. It's not like he's going all out on there Cd's, he's playing what he feels fits in best and what not. I recall a interview of him talking about the drumming on "City of Evil", how he doesnt care if it impresses everyone or not, just if his band likes it.

This goes for a lot of drummers i hear, and people seem to judge there skills just based on a cd, which i think is a bit far-fetched. Just my 2 cents tho!
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