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Default Re: Want to chase the dream...Advice?

There was recently a similar thread on this same topic, here:

What I've observed is the drummers who work spend a lot of time working on networking.
Most of the better gigs are never advertised, and some touring positions with high profile artists/bands don't even have formal auditions. It all comes down to connections, and who knows whom.

So, if you want to make it in the business, my best advice is get to know everyone, and make sure everyone knows who you are and that you can deliver.

Although I've been to st Louis, I can't say I know much about the music scene there.
In general, the major music cities have far more opportunities, but also far more competition for every last gig.

Here in Los Angeles, this is a place where things happen. I've watched many bands go from unknown to huge. I've seen guys go from unknown to the cover of magazines 9even if it took them 20 years to do so). But at the same time, if you stand on any given corner with a ball, and throw the ball in the air, chances are you'll hit a drummer looking for a gig on the head.
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