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Default Re: The Reverend

A-Men Bernhard

It is amazing to me to read post about other drummers on sites. It is no wonder very few log in and share info with us. When in rare cases they do join in the tune changes and everyone who threw rocks is now flowering them with "your the best" posts after banging on them.

These guys allow this site to post their vid's and clinic stuff that is a tremendous help to all of even though there are some that act like idiots.

The Rev is a kid who has spent time mastering what he does. To some it may seem basic but he does it in time and clean. Look at all the posts on DB, hand speed and it is obvious that this kid has put in the time, practice, and hard work to get to this level.

You are right he is no Gadd, Smith, Rich, or Lang to name a few but neither we they at his age. Rev if you ever log on props kid (yeah kid i am 42) for your dedication and effort it shows in your playing. I like what you do only at my age you won't see me in the front row with my lip stapled to my eye-brow, but I will listen on my Ipod.
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