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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
To some extent I would say that 'Popular' music has but this isn't anything new. Disco was a similar experience and I would say that a lot of the 1980s were dominated by 'Pop' that sounded much the same. The 'current' complaint probably started in the 1990s. I'm 24 and I find most modern chart music difficult to differentiate from late 90s 'Pop'.

On the other hand, sometimes interesting songs become popular:

Ok, the lyric is fairly asinine but there's some interesting things going on. The melody is vaguely Phil Collins-esque (in the good way) and the instrumentation is totally off the wall. The video is great. There are gems out there.

Watch the album charts, too. Those are often much more interesting.
Agree with this. There are gems. And that Gotye song is pretty cool.
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