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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Stick bag:
  • 2-12 pairs of Vic Firth 5B Vic Grip Wood Tips (depending on how long it's been since I bought my last brick)
  • 1 pair of Pro Mark Hot Rods for softer playing
  • 1 pair of Regal Tip Blasticks for even softer playing
  • 1 pair of brushes, just in case. I have no idea how to use them though.
  • 1 pair of Meinl drummer gloves, in case I pop a painful blister in the middle of a gig
  • 1 drum key
  • A collection of spare felts and sleeves.

I need to get around to making a little drummer's emergency kit, with some more essentials like drum keys, felts, wingnuts, spare clutch, allen keys, etc.
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