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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Duncan - a coincidence that you say that. I've been keeping a little diary of late (a bit old fashioned - most people would make it a blog) and this was this morning's entry, which touches on what you were talking about:
Funny thing. I'm looking up music for Dan's wedding and checked out Percy's Sledge's Man Loves a Woman on YouTube. By far the top rated comment was "this is real music not todays shit".

Once upon I time I would have agreed, mostly thinking about all the autotuned shake your ass let's party yo ho stuff with economically rational drum machines.

But you have to be wary of someone happy to airily wave things away as shit. In their case "shit" might encompass broad and enriching vistas of life that don't compute with their narrow, conservative worldview. They would probably call a lot of music I love "shit".

So I've learnt - for the 100th time - don't judge. Observe. Appreciate. Try to understand. Be calm. Let others shine more brightly than you do in areas you don't relate to and appreciate that they're doing their thing while I do my thing.

So what of these people who call everything shit? Must be a fair few of my vintage and pining for the past. I guess it's rough for passive consumers of music - the stuff they would come across is no doubt worse than in the past - imagine Macarthur Park or Bohemian Rhapsody or Classical Gas being a hit today. Too far from the formula strictly refined by the suits to keep the shareholders happy.

Finished my mock metal piece today. Absolutely kicks butt IMO. Funny and scary all at once - Stephen King meets Mel Brooks?


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