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Default New to these forums

Real name: Ariff Kabir
Age: 24
How long have you been playing: Since I was 18
Origin of user name: My nickname
Your top 5 drummers: Daniel Adair, Zac Farro, Ben Jolliffe, Travis Barker, Chad Smith
Make of drum kit: Mapex M Birch (Upgrading Soon!)
Make of cymbal: Sabian (Getting new ones soon)
Where do you practice: In a rehearsal space in town or sometimes in my garage.
Are you in a band: In Elegance -
What style of music: Alt Rock
Favorite take out food: Hm, probably Dominos :)
What country do you live in: Northern Ireland
How did you start drumming: One of my best mates was making some music on garageband and was saying that he thinks that I'd be a good drummer so I started looking at drum stuff, information, tips etc.. for what I could start on. Finally got a drum kit after hearing the drum solo in Sha la la la by Thin Lizzy. Haven't looked back since.

I'm also associated with Online Drummer as well, just thought I'd look up some more stuff and meet some more people!

Nice to be here and I'll see you guys around :)
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