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Default Want to chase the dream...Advice?

I'm 21 years old, taking a few semesters off of school. The more I ponder the question of what I want to do with my life I keep coming back to music.

In addition to drums I also have a singer/songwriter project and plenty of experience with live sound, so I consider myself pretty marketable.

I am considering working really hard for 6 mos to a year saving as much as I can, then dropping everything and running after the life of a professional musician. And it's a romantic thought to move to Nashville and start digging in.

So questions:
Would it be beneficial to move to a new city? (I live in St. Louis right now, general consensus is that there is little to no appreciation for original bands)
What approach would you take?
What mistakes have you seen or made?
Anything else?
I make music here: Another White Suburbanite, and here: Finlay Fields
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