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Originally Posted by photon
I recently purchased Anatomy of a Drum Solo and you know what?....the solo really didn't blow me away. I mean Neil still has those blinding chops but I found it to be too robotic and save for the electronic additions to his kit it could have been 1979 all over again...personally I don't see a lot of growth here.
No, you're not going to get burned at the steak for your opinion. However, I got so sick to my stomach after reading your post that I threw-up my dinner (just kidding!).

Although he is one of my main influences, I was also getting bored listening to his last 2 solos, mainly because he uses elements I've heard since the All The World's A Stage live album. Then, my bud who's a guitarist made a very simple, yet obvious point "He can use some of those parts again & again over a 30 year period because they're that cool-sounding." That quickly made me rethink what I previously stated.

Peart's solos differ from many pro drummers in that, it's not all about chops, playing 1,000 m.p.h. or blatantly showing off. His are more of a composition than anything. I love that "big-band" ending he uses, you don't see too much of that anymore, especially in a rock setting.

On the other hand, I've heard quite a few .mp3's of him warming up on the kit before a show different than his drum solo. A total sonic assault and blazingly fast, especially for a dude who's in his 50's.
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