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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
I enjoyed it

you have to take it for what it is and not let that be your only source

it's not like they are just blatantly making things up

its' just told through certain peoples perspectives

As much as people complain about it, something like that is very difficult to do and not miss stuff with the topic being so incredibly vast and diverse.

I for one think it was pretty well done and it provides an overview of the topic.

My Dad was excited to see it coming to the airwaves only to have him die 2 months before episode 1 was played. The first few episodes was almost exactly how my Dad explained to me how it all began. So for me, I have an emotional tie to it as well. I actually own the series and play it back once a year or so.

This being said, it should not be your only source. Anyone who wants to study anything should never just go to one source.
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