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Default Re: Olympic ceremony music!

Cracking opening ceremony!

As for the blip at the beginning of Hey Jude... entirely McCartney's fault! He started singing a good bar or so too early and Abe did everything he could to correct him before the backing track kicked in... As soon as it did, the band gave him a bar or two to see if he was going to join the same planet as everyone else on stage and when they realised he was just going to carry on a bar ahead of the backing track, the keyboard player quickly reset everything, killed the backing track, and they had to play the rest of the show without it, which explains why it was all drum kit and a weak, out of tune vocal!! Nothing to do with the sound engineer and, credit where credit's due, a professional and speedy recovery by McCartney's band - which is why they're getting a gig of that magnitude. Just a shame with so much talent on the stage that they needed the backing track in the first place... I guess we all just found out who the least talented performer on the stage was!

In my opinion, Danny Boyle did us proud and it was only right to end the London 2012 Olympics with a Beatles legend.
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