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Default Re: Olympic ceremony music!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
You're joking, right? :) Pitchy vocals, terrible guitar work, benign original material with zero international resonance. Of all the great musicians this country has produced, was that really the best we could put forward? Given the magnitude & global nature of the event, that was a terrible booking decision.

Macca's drummer nailed it big time :)
I'm being serious man! To me they sounded like a good live rock band. I'm judging their performance, which I thought was great (and their drummer was going a bit mental in the background, he was eating his drum stick at one point haha). I like their music as well, but each to their own :).
Macca was just.. I don't know. The mixing was awful, he couldn't stay in key and his random wails at the end were iffy at best, the mini bass solo sounded out of place to me, and I don't know what it is but I'm certain I heard vocals on Hey June before he even started singing. The drummer was very very good, but unfortunately he was way too loud in the mix and compressed to death; not his own fault, but the fault of whatever numpty was in charge of sound. I was left thinking that the whole thing was AMAZING, except for at the end a washed up celebrity who was only there because he's a beatle popped up because hey he's british and successful so why the hell not tag him on the end? I dunno, I was really expecting better from someone of his magnitude at the bloody OLYMPICS.
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