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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Scott Griffith
Age? 54
How long have you been playing? 40 years. Gawd, it sounds really bad when you say it that way.
Origin of user name? Nickname given me many years ago that just stuck.
Your top 5 drummers? Bill Bruford, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Cobham, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams
Make of drumkit? *Long* story. Acoustic kit currently undergoing restoration, few pieces are from the same manufacturer: Tama, Ludwig, Slingerland, Fibes, Sonor, Premier, glued together with a Gibraltar rack. Electronic kit: mostly Hart, Roland TD20exp and Alesis DM5 modules, with a little bit of everything else in there as well.
Make of cymbal? Avedis Zildjian.
Where do you practice? In my studio. Otherwise, the cops show up.
Are you in a band? In between bands: primarily recording now, although I do do pickup gigs occasionally. Starting to get the itch to play out again, though.
Do you play covers or originals? Mostly originals.
What style of music? All of the above. Rock, jazz, blues- probably most comfortable with progressive rock/fusion, and that's what I write.
Favourite take out food? Local Chinese place that nobody has ever heard of: Tasty House!
What country do you live in? USA
How did you start drumming? I slept since then... but I vaguely recall starting out at a really, really young age on the usual collection of pans, pillows, and the like. Parents were great jazz fans, so there was always music around. I remember borrowing a friend's kit in 1972, and the rest is just a bit of a blur.

A couple odd facts about myself: I'm an electrical engineer, and my big contribution to the music industry was working on the development of some of the early Kurzweil synthesizer family, starting with the 250, and continuing on through the K1000 series. Still do a little cottage industry of restoring old 250s, in fact. Attended the very first ever International MIDI Association convention when the MIDI standard was brand new: turns out it wasn't a flash in the pan, after all. Have a small project recording studio (Return of Son of Scratchpad Studio), and do live sound work as Earfull Sound. I'm also a moderator over at the Recording Project web site. Pleased to meetcha!
Nerd without portfolio...
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