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Default Re: Your preferred music genres?

Some 20 years ago I'd have said:
(- AC/DC, Scorpions = what got me into hard rock/metal in the first place)
- heavy metal (that is, maybe 5% of what is out there), mainly Iron Maiden and Metallica for the first years. At first I couldn't bear faster/more aggressive stuff like Sepultura and Slayer but then started to enjoy them.
- guitar hero stuff (Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen etc) -> From 1990 on, made me focus on guitar technique and develop good technical skills and speed. This was triggered quite simply: A friend of mine lent me an audio tape/guitar hero sampler by Shrapnel label, with all those terrific guitar heroes (see above). I had never listened to guitar hero stuff before. First I was floored - never thought this would be possible on guitars - and also frustrated, but after 2 weeks or so this turned into motivation - and changed my life, haha.

Before that there was a brief period of time when I was into pop, listening to Madonna (still like a good part of her music), Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys... and worse ;-) Plus a short period in the early 90's when I liked some dancefloor stuff, too.

Then in around 1994 I discovered Dream Theater and got into prog metal (both as a listener and a guitarist). A few years later Symphony X became my favourite metal band.

Some 4 years ago I discovered the beauty of the acoustic guitar in the vein of Andy McKee, Antoine DuFour. And more recently, Petteri Sariola and Jon Gomm.
Also discovered Loreena McKennitt at that time and am appreciating acoustic/"real" music much more now.

I like exotic music but haven't searched a lot for it. I like Indian/sitar music.

Soundtracks!! E.g. Conan, The Dark Crystal... there's so many good ones.

No jazz/fusion - at least not yet. But I like what I've heard from Allan Holdsworth.

Have been an el. guitarist for 21.5 years now, started the ac. guitar 4 years ago and got into drumming almost 2 years ago. I feel open to various genres ATM - more than in the past.

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