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Originally Posted by The_Nameless
ive heard a few negative things about joey and me personally think he is a very very very good drummer mabye even the best there ever is but allot of people are saying that he isnt very good well to me he is good because he can do triplets with demi semi quavers and i dunno if there is a person that can beat that but to me if he can do that he sounds like the best drummer there is 2 me (atached i have a link to a clip of him doing a drum solo)joey drum solo
Well, first he isn't, and probably never will be the best drummer ever. I personally like him a lot, and he does have one hell of a foot, but calling him the best, no way. About the triplets with demi semi quavers thingy...most people probably couldn't do that. But, that doesn't make him the best. As I like to put it, it makes him different. ;)
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