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Default Re: Your preferred music genres?

Originally Posted by Nodiggie View Post
To play drums to: anything that pays.
wow.. really?
no offense bro.. but WTF is that?

if ur a fella who drums .. who drums to a point where he posts on a forum dedicated solely to & for drumming.. yet will only play if it pays?

i mean no disrespect.. but i dunno whether to feel sorry for you or roundhouse you.

yeah, obviously.. $ is excellent. but, say u WERENT catching coin for drumming.. if the occasional jam sesh (with the knowledge that people will hear it via either live show or recording) dont do it for ya.. then jog the fuck on and get a different hobby.. needle point, perhaps.. cuz "i only play for $" is hysterically lame to those of us with passion about the instrument.

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