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To shed a little light, Dave KRUSEN, left PJ to go to deto for alcohol and substance abuse problems, and left right after they recorded Ten in August. he did not tour the album. I also agree he was a great fit for PJ and his drumming on there was superb. BTW for all the gearheads he had a minimal kit for the recording of Ten - some basic Swingstar Tama's, an old supra, and even cracked entry-level Paiste 404 hats!

I also love Abruzzesse's drumming/style for PJ. I read a biography on Vedder and basically he and Eddie did not get along. Dave A wanted to party and celebrate their new-found success and Vedder wanted to shy away from all that and the 'business'. It had nothing to do with music, Vedder fired him.

PJ have had 4 great drummers, but the 1st two Dave's were my faves too.
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