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Default Whats crackin' fellas?

nothin' special here .. just goin' through the motions of finally singing up. well.. i guess while my account still has that new car smell i'll drop some knowledge nuggets for u guys - names kyle oneil .. im 25 .. been hitting things with sticks for 16 years. i play on a dw/orange county frankenstein/hybrid of a setup (on purpose;) i have 3 projects .. one is my main focus - a (for all intensive purposes) progressive metal band called ".. then came Vultures" .. 2nd i started a ska/jazz "play on the weekends at bars" project called "Paper Cannons" and i also am part of a studio recording-specific project with a handful of guys who have been on their instruments longer than ive been on this earth .. and that one is callled "Snake Skin Space Suit" all i really do is drum.. which makes me wonder why i havnt registered on here sooner. anywho.. this is me. thats that. & i look forward to obnoxiously posting my drum videos up and arguing theory with you guys. ;) peace.
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