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Originally Posted by Rudy McRudster View Post
I was never a fan of Keith Moon. His style is always so sloppy and, a lot of the time, overplayed. And if there's one groove that makes my blood boil it's definately "You Better", or at least I think that's what it's called. It is just so annoying and never goes anywhere.

Now, I'm not saying he's terrible. He's been a big influence to many drummers, but I just don't like his style.
"You Better You Bet" was written and recorded by Pete Townshend in 1981, 3 years after Keith Moon died. Keith Moon is widely regarded as one of the best Rock N' Roll drummers who ever lived. His drumming can be described as "Lively Precision". Give The Who Live At Leeds a good listen and tell me he wasn't amazing. Young Man Blues, Amazing Journey/Sparks and an extended jam version of My Generation all stand out as some of the best drumming Rock has ever known. I guarantee you wouldn't be able to play and sound half as good he did on that live album.
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