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Default Amy Winehouse one year later

When we're asked here to name our favorite bands very few have women in them. I guess we all like the rockers or too. Until 2007 when I went to youtube and searched for Amy Winehouse. I had no idea that this would be the ride of a lifetime.
I've always thought that people following Elvis may be a bit odd. They aren't. He touched them in a way that transcended the music.
I am so fortunate that I was on this planet when Amy was. She was family to me. And she always will be.
I'm like most, I love the bands but don't go too far with it. Amy changed that.
Amy fans were so excited to hear her albums. Sixty years from now a teenager will score a rare Amy vinyl and feel the same joy.
Legend is over-used and sometimes meaningless but Amy will wear that title in time. Some say with two albums you can't be a legend. But if Leonardo de Vinci only painted the Mona Lisa, he would surely be a legend. Amy became legend as soon as Back To Black came out.
Thank you Amy.


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