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Default Re: i'm new here

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Here's a Camco 20, 12, 14 on eBay. Guy wants $1600. Watch it, see if he gets it. Maybe it'll help you decide what to do.
Most important items to get, are the lugs to complete the rack tom. You can fudge with generic triple flange hoops, to get the kit up-and-running. And you can use non-Camco tension rods, etc., to cut cost. No one says you have to do a restore job all at once. Make the kit playable, then work on the originality part of it. This is the finish I'd want and it's only 3 grand.
hi harry, i did see both these kits on ebay and was thinking if those sets are worth that much then mine has to be bout the same if not a lit'l more, and am watching both kits to see what they bring. thanks for the info. so far the way i see it, it is gonna cost me around 500$ or so to put it original and that is what i want to do and yes it is gonna take me a lit'l while but that is ok coz this kit ain't going anywhere. lol. it's staying in my family.
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