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Default i'm new here

hi y'all. my name is robyn, and i love music. i'm not a very good musician but i do try and enjoy giving it my best shot. i've mostly played guitar but arthritis is starting to set in pretty good and am cramping up after just a cuple of songs (this really bites the big one too) so have been hitting the skins a lit'l more, doesn't seem to hurt as much. i grew up in a family of musicians so been around music all my life and am the only one in my family that is tone death, seriously. i play what is taught to me. i always wanted to be included in the bands my family were in so they taught me how to run the boards and mixers and all that good stuff so i went from being their number 1 roady and fan to their sound and lighting tech. anyway...getting to the drumming part of this thread...i got this drum kit that was my aunts kit. i've had it for 3 or 4 yrs now but never paid much attention to it coz i had another kit already set up that we liked playing. anyway i set it up for my grandson to start practicing with. it needs some replacements done on it and want to do so with as original i can get. anyway got some photos of it and would like to share them. looked on ebay for some of the replacements and was surprized with the prices, is it really gonna cost that much to fix this kit up and would it make this kit worth it? thanks and hope to hang around here and visit at times, i love music talk, am usually the quiet one who sits back and listens so see ya around Name:  072012_1728[00].jpg
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