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Default A little newbie forum Montreal...

Hi everybody,
First I'm sorry for my (sometimes^^) bad english, and may you will see many errors cause I just returned forum an intense drumcamp and I'm so tired... ;)

So, i'm Jasbat, a young drummer of 15 years old. I was starting to play drums 4 years ago, when my dad gimme a nice TD-9 with a seat and a cool DW 4000 bass drum pedal at the age of 11.

But I had the rythm feeling before that...
Then I get some snare drums, sticks and brushes, hardware etc... but I don't have any complete acoustic drumset by now.
I already have :

- Roland TD-9 (not upgraded and I don't already planned something about it^^)

- PDP natural wood hoops (SX series) in maple, 14x6

- Sick Gretsch catalina elite Piccolo in maple, 13x4

- Brushe's favorite snare... a 50's no-name one in metal, probably steel... :D

- Zildjian 70's Avedis, 21'' ride and 13'' hats... LOVE...

- Yamaha cymbal and hats stands, Gibraltar snare stand, DW 4000 pedal

Hopefully, I practice on acoustic drums with my personnal teacher and I can carry an hi-hat, a snare and a bass-drum pedal with in a case...
And I transform the case into a bass drum to play on the street! :D

My favorites drummer are :
- Jeff Porcaro
- Aaron Spears (and his SOOOO sick signature sticks!!! <3)
- Bernard Purdie
- Mitch Mitchell
- Papa jo Jones

... and many, many more^^...

My drumcamp's teacher just get endorsed by Pearl for free material and he will give free pass for the Montreal's Drumfest for each of is students! *Edit : Profanity go out of the way, sorry...*



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