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Default Re: Fetchingly aged FEMALE DRUMMER!!! - Soundscape

@ Thanks ID, definitely not wanting to take it all too seriously. I need something that at least amuses me a bit to feel the zing.

@ Geez Bo, haven't been near that stuff for 30 years. I don't need it *weird grin*

@ Harry, it's scary alright - I lasted 10 mins before the heebie jeebies got too much. But please post more links. Here's a more accessible live clip of John Zorn but it still has tons of edge:

@ Andy, yes, when a didge breaks the silence it has an incredible effect. It's a popular device in Australian movies set in the desert. Unfortunately most times you hear them for real it buskers trying to cut through street noise.

@ Henri, my voice is so spooky I sacked myself from backup vocs with the band and we've been a better band for it. Not kidding. So now my vocal tracks all consist of tasteful silence. Enjoyed that first Underworld movie too.

@ Thaardy, as a modern ambiance noob all advice is helpful. Yes, the first two tunes were pretty hyperactive. The Ambivalent Abyss track is an exciting piece - Favourited - thanks!

@ Mikey - nice ideas ... might have to find David Attenborough's polar documentary to get in the mood ... background music for a TV chef? lol

Just uploaded another, if anyone's interested, Mosquito at Night.


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