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Default Re: Fetchingly aged FEMALE DRUMMER!!! - Soundscape

Ha! ...I noticed this link at work on Friday on the "Spoon" thread, when I came home it has disappeared, I'm glad to see it back here :)

Mmmh.... History of Australia, seems to be a scary place to live, very spooky indeed.

But it's as good as your previous attempt, as dark ambient soundscape, it does the trick perfectly, and this time the video editing add to the atmospheric vibe too...

... I agree with Bo's comment though :)

I don't know if it's the aged female drummer description, but you have a spooky voice in this piece of music... makes me wonder if this is actually a real picture of you!!! :)

*incidentally, I watched the last "Underworld" film last night, so I'm still in the right mood*
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