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Default Lars Ulrich and my valuable lesson in life

Since picking up the sticks a few years back I've been reading anything I can get my hands on about drummers and drumming, especially rock drummers coz that's where my heart is. I had noticed quite a lot of negative opinions on Lars Ulrich so when I saw the S&M Concert DVD for sale in a second hand shop for $4 I thought what the hell have I got to loose, I'll check him out myself. Listened to it for the first time yesterday and holy shit man, what an awesome dynamic drummer, I was blown away, I'm into rock not metal but this concert with the orchestra is epic and Lars Ulrich is a rock druming powerhouse, I was really impressed. Sure he may not have the trickiest chops or play the most complex patterns but wow man his energy and musicality for what he's playing is second to none, very impressive. I still aint a huge fan of metal but this Metallica dvd really is a musical master piece and brilliantly produced, these guys are effin good! It reminded me of just how important it is to reach our own thoughts and conclusions especially with such a subjective topic as music, I will never again judge another drummer purely by their image or the opinions of others.
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