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Default Re: Best pedal- Cheapest price

Originally Posted by dollahbill510 View Post
I've only owned a couple of pedals, so my comment might not be worth that much but...

I've owned a Dixon, a Pulse, a DW, and Pearl pedals. All borderline entry-level.

I can't remember the exacts on the Pulse/Dixon pedals, but the Pulse pedal was amazing. I think the DW was the priciest pedal I've had which was 220$? I think. Considering it's a double-pedal it was a good deal.

The Pearl pedal is a P900 I think, that I snagged on Guitar Centers used section for like 30$. Originally I bought it just to see how Pearls entry level pedals are and almost instantly I fell in love with it. Eventually replaced my 3000's with p900's

Probably the only one that would take P900's over DW3000's but meh, to each his own I guess.

bottomline - I'd reccomend pearls p900s

p902's give you feedback that you don't get from uber smooth pedals, I think I actually play better and am willing to put more effort in with them.

I've been thinking about replacing my demon drives for something chain driven and I'm trying to find reason to justify the eliminator over the 902 but the 902's do everything I could ask.
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