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Originally Posted by beat1212
the guy is awsome. its funny alot of ppl (including myself) dotn realize the depth of his playing. he does a lot of latin influenced rythms with a rock feel over them. example in the song schism i saw the modern drummer transcription of the song and it said its odd time signatures one measeure of 5/8 then one measure of 7/8. well does anyone here know what 7+5=? ya 12. my teacher pointed out that he actualy thinks that the groove in the song is one measure of 12/8 because thatway u look at it the "core" cymbal pattern is actuayl a latin rythm. unforunately i dotn remember the name of the rythm but my next lesson is in 2 weeks so ill try to rember to ask him waht it was called.
I always thought of Schism as being in 12/8 and 13/8 rather than 5+7 & 6+7. I don't think the cymbal pattern would be a deliberate latin thing, a lot of those bell patterns kind of seem to slip out with very minor modifications to quite mathematical stuff. For example, a double paradiddle becomes a bembe ride cymbal pattern if you change the last "L" to an "R" and stop playing the left hand:


bell X X XX X X X

Double Paradiddle:

LH    L L  L L LL
Like so. So I suspect he was really just following the 5/7 phrasing and the latiny vibe just slipped out because so many latin bell lines have that on-beat first bar, off-beat second bar (or the reverse) type feel about them as they have to fit with the different bars of clave.
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