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Default Re: How many years have you been online?

Just curious about peoples' online experience, and how much of a shared evolution there might be among members: longevity using forums, experiencing dial-up speeds, etc. It occurs to me that some users may never have known that tables and frames didn't exist in browsers, and how different sites looked and behaved. Same for the concept of streaming, Flash, etc.

Of the answers so far, it looks like everyone's been on for a dozen years or more. Obviously some of the younger members here won't rack up that much experience.

I started designing web pages in 1995 for example, and except for commercial purposes and dedicated types, it's almost a lost art now. Yet back in the day, that was the only way to have a web presence. But with social media sites, anyone can have a presence without creating or hosting a page, or even owning a domain name. Obviously Facebook etc aren't substitutes for personal web sites, but they seem to suffice for generations - both younger and older - that evolved with the web already in place.

Really, just curious.


PS: I've amended the poll to reflect the responses up to this point (approx 24 hours)
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