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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Geez, and I thought I was being subversive with my recent postings of late lol

Thanks Larry, definitely came through with the bacon. I give my opinions based the fact that's it's interesting to know how your favourite music touches people who know little or nothing about it ...

Alexander von Schlippenbach. Definitely reminded me of Cecil Taylor, though I just read that he sees that (apparently common) comparison as superficial. Good late night listening.

Matthew Shipp's Take the A Train ... love the subversiveness. It's bonkers. Never a fan of the song so this is definitely my favourite version :)

Machine Gun ... too tough for me. Prefer Hendrix's Machine Gun by a long shot. The start reminded me of Merzbow, which is scary in itself.

Albert Mangelsdorff - I'd call it bop rather than free (based on not a lot of knowledge). Liked the start but not really my cuppa.

Albert Ayler ... now I'm thinking Art Ensemble - subverting trad. For the most part I can't say I liked it but there was a cool part where he was working the harmonics and the drummer was going off with him (not sure if this is an identifiable statement :)

That was interesting and thanks again for this. Gradually broadening my tastes ...


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